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Trillium is an engagement specialist

We provide complete life cycle solutions that helps organisations better understand, manage, interact and engage with their members and stakeholders.

We do this through technology, experience and industry focus.

Established in 2010, Trillium Systems is a specialist software development consultancy that delivers a range of services, solutions and products centered on placing the customer first. We are a team of technical architects, consultants, developers, project managers and account managers. We care deeply about the three things that drive us:

Exceptional Client Care

First and foremost, we believe in total customer satisfaction and ensure that client expectations are always met and most often exceeded.
This is demonstrated by the number of clients that recommend us. This remains our greatest achievement.

Value for Money

Our Services and Solutions are designed to deliver the greatest return on investment.
We will not always be the cheapest. In fact, we seldom are but we will deliver value for money.

Technological Innovation

We employ Mindsets, not Skillsets to ensure that no matter which technologies we select to do the job, it is done with the right balance of creativity and professionalism.
We challenge ourselves and our partners, not our clients.


We exist to deliver highly effective solutions enabling our clients’ greater understanding, efficiency and engagement.
Be recognised as a leading provider of customer engagement solutions, trusted and known for excellence & problem solving through our solution oriented approach.
  • Enjoy being part of the team
  • Be passionate about what we do
  • Be creative; find solutions
  • Evolve constantly & improve
  • Understand the customer, what they need & deliver on it
  • Respect the customer, your team & our competitors
  • Be personally committed & result oriented
  • Our culture defines us.
  • We are cohesive; fun loving;
  • Personal but professional;
  • Caring; flexible; motivated to improve;
  • We take on new challenges.